Kari Brickowski


Thomas Murphy

Kari Brickowski and Thomas Murphy

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In September of 2016, Kari was heading to Germany for work. I knew these two weeks were the ideal time to start planning the proposal. Kari's parents, Walter and Susan, came into Hoboken for dinner where I explained to them how much I love their daughter and that I wanted nothing more in the world than their blessing. After they said yes, I used Thanksgiving break to pick out the perfect ring.

I knew it meant a lot to Kari to have our family and friends around for the proposal, so did some thinking and came up with a plan. Since my birthday was coming up, I’d schedule a night for our families to celebrate. I had Kari's sister, Ana, fly in as an extra surprise. If you've seen the two of them together, this excitement completely distracted Kari from any potential 'signs' throughout the evening. Towards the end of the meal, I made a speech to the table ending with me on one knee. After she said yes (THANK GOD), there was one more surprise, a big party with all of our friends to celebrate! To this day— it was the best moment of my entire life.
Kimberly FitzSimons